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Welcome To The Neighborhood!

River Bluff is a community where residents are treated like family, in an environment that promotes dignity, choice, independence and purpose. Our caring staff, restaurant-style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting create a wonderful living environment every day.

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May 12-18: Nursing Home Week
May 22: 5 Wishes Community Seminar
June 20: Senior Expo

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Short-Term Rehabilitation/
Post Hospital

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Skilled Nursing

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Alzheimer's and
Dementia Care

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Hospice and


Our Mission

LeftQuoteProvide exceptional short- and long-term care to the community through personalized individual attention.RightQuote

Employee Dog of the Month

Breed: Brussels Griffon
Owner: Suzanne Jellings, MDS Coordinator
Personality Traits: She is a clingy dog and is always at my feet. She follows me everywhere in the house.
Favorite Activities: Playing with her brothers and sisters (dogs). Doing zoomies in the yard or around the house. Chewing up carpets and/or blankets.
Funny Habits: How she rules the house, even though all the other dogs are bigger than her. She's the boss.